Country Doctor Museum

Educational Programs

Education is the primary mission at the Country Doctor Museum. We are dedicated to instilling an appreciation and understanding of rural health care, chronicling the evolution of health, medicine, and the medical profession, empowering educators, and improving the overall health of the public. The museum is committed to developing public support and meeting the needs of the community through its educational programs, services, and resources.

We believe that the value of medical history, specifically rural health care, is to remind us that today's medicine has been built over the centuries with each succeeding era witnessing important additions to the body of medical knowledge. We believe that medicine is still a balance of art, developing interpersonal skills, and science, incorporating the newest technological advances to enhance patient care.

We believe that modern health care professionals, to some extent, are descendents of the ethical country doctors who met the challenge to heal , care, comfort, and respect patients within their communities without the advantages of modern communication, knowledge, or technology. Lastly, we believe that the Country Doctor Museum is a unique resource to view the evolution of the United States as a country and people through the lens of rural health care.

4th Grade In-class Field Trip

Looking for a fun way to enrich your classroom instruction about North Carolina history, social studies, science and math? Let the Country Doctor Museum make a house call to your 4th grade class!

The Country Doctor Museum offers an in-class field trip aligned with the goals and objectives for the grade 4 curriculum of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. The program incorporates some of the Museum's pharmaceutical and therapeutic artifacts, as well as hands-on activities. An overview of 19th century medicine precedes three activity stations where students will use their math skills to fill old fashioned prescriptions with play-dough pills made by hand with antique pill rollers, listen to heart and body sounds through stethoscopes and fill sachet bags using traditional medicinal herbs, mortars and pestles.

The 90 minute classroom-based program is presented by two Museum educators. The cost for the program is $3.00/student plus transportation costs depending on mileage to your school from the Museum. Classes must have a minimum of 15 students and a maximum of thirty students. The Museum can schedule a morning and afternoon presentation at the same school during the same day which allows you to save on transportation costs.

For Educators (public, private, homeschools)

The museum offers a unique environment to learn more about health and medicine. In addition to standard tours at the museum, we have developed several innovative programs and trunk kits that meet your needs.

We offer customized programs to meet your needs. Submit our Educational Program Request Form and we will customize a program for you.